1. It acts as the ears, eyes and voice of this industry in all matters relating to the development or modification of government policy.

  2. It plays an active part in the positive promotion of the industry wherever applicable.

  3. The Association provides education and compliance assistance to members, to assist them with the legal and compliance issues in their businesses. We currently have extensive HR support in the member area on our website. We have a memorandum of agreement with the EWRB to ensure that our members are classified as low risk for audit purposes.

  4. The Association fosters the attainment and maintenance of the highest standards of customer service and business ethics and also provides a consumer support service for any people who require assistance in resolving a dispute with an industry member company.

  5. The Association plays a Key role in Industry Training as a foundation member of, and is actively involved with Skills, our Industry Training Organisation.

  6. The Association promotes Industry Excellence with our annual APEX awards And the future?


Just email us at for details, or download the forms below.
We will continue to develop an extensive website, which will give members access to a wide range of information and services. These will be developed and expanded as time progresses and the scope is virtually unlimited as to what this facility may be able to provide. If you have any ideas that you would like us to follow up on, let us know.


Of one thing you may be certain, whatever is undertaken by the ETA in future, it will be for the benefit of ourindustry and in particular for our members.

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